Dr. Wendy McClelland, DVM

Founder and Chief Medical Director, Vets To Go

As the founder of Vets To Go, Dr. Wendy McClelland is passionate about treating pets like members of the family. From her earliest memory, Wendy’s family always had pets that were loved as members of the family. She was so concerned about her pets’ well being that she decided to become a vet when she was just 8 years old.

Her dream came true when she received her certification as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Saskatoon in 2002. At first she practiced in a mixed-animal clinic in the small town of Pincher Creek, Alberta. Then in 2006 she moved to Airdrie, Alberta.

Dr. Wendy founded Vets To Go so that she can provide personalized pet care, in the pet’s own environment.  The concept has been highly successful, and clients now rely on having Vets To Go bring compassionate veterinary care to their home.

Dr. Wendy has been featured in a number of publications and media outlets, including the Calgary HeraldCMT TelevisionCorus Radio Network and was the featured veterinarian in the national television show, Pet Heroes.

Today, Dr. Wendy still has pets as members of her growing family: two cats named Sonny and Baddic. You can trust Wendy and the entire Vets To Go team to provide you the advice, insight and information you need to make the right decision for your pets.

Greg Habstritt

President, Vets To Go

As a partner in the company, Greg is the business and marketing side of Vets To Go and co-hosts Vets To Go Radio with Dr. Wendy McClelland.

Greg is a lifelong pet owner and serial entrepreneur, having started and operated more than a dozen businesses in a wide range of industries.  After being frustrated with the lack of transparent information and advice for his pets for several years, Greg decided to join Vets To Go as a partner and help grow the business and message of education, responsibility and quality of life.

Along with Dr. Wendy, Greg is passionate about elevating the quality of life for pets, as well as their owners.  Providing good, honest and unbiased advice and information is the mission of Vets To Go Radio, and for the company.

He has been an avid animal lover and supporter of animal non-profit organizations for several years.  Today, he has 2 loveable dogs that he adopted and brought home from the Dominican Republic (affectionately referring to the mixed mutts as “100% Dominican Beach Hounds”.)