Episode 117 – January 10th, 2016

Featuring Calgary mobile veterinarian Dr. Wendy McClelland and co-host Greg Habstritt from Vets To Go.  This episode originally aired January 10th, 2016 on News Talk 770 AM.  


Here’s what we covered in this week’s show:

If you’ve recently welcomed a new dog into your family, giving them proper training and socialization will not only help them have better manners, it can also be fun! January is National Train Your Dog Month, and Megan Armstrong from Dogma Training & Pet Services joins us to talk about the importance of training and give us some resources to get started.

Plus, ferrets are now the third most popular pet after dogs and cats, but many people that fall in love with their adorable antics aren’t prepared for how much work they can be. Luckily Calgary is home to FRES, the Ferret Rescue & Education Society, and President Andrea Camp is with us to talk about the realities of ferret ownership, and the work that their group does to rescue and rehome these cute critters.

Dr. Wendy wraps up the show answering our listeners pet health questions!


Special Guest(s) On This Show:

Guest: Megan Armstrong – Owner of Dogma Training & Pet Services and Treasurer for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Website: www.trainyourdogmonth.com and www.dogmatraining.com 

Guest: Andrea Camp, Ferret Rescue & Education Society (FRES)

Website: www.ferrets.ca