Make Your Dog Happy With These Best Interactive Dog…

The happiness of your dog is important. After all, he is your best friend, and intends to spend a long time with you. Keeping all that in mind, it is important that you keep your dog happy through various means. You could invest in a good doghouse, and you can make sure that the hygiene is not affected. However, most people do not invest in any toys for their dog. I would suggest you buy the best dog puzzle toys.

These toys are great if you are looking to give your dog a great distraction, and the best thing is that they do not cost a lot of money either. Whether you are looking at a pet store, or on the internet, you are likely to come across hundreds if not thousands of options available to buy.

If you want to have the best toy for your dog, we are going to be looking at them in our roundup. Additionally, we will also include a complete buying guide that will help you buy the best possible toy for your dog.

As always, we will start by reviewing the products, and then proceeding to the dog toys.

Squeak Dog Toy by FurryFido

FurryFido has made a name for itself by being one of the companies that have some amazing interactive toys for your pets. Today, we look at Squeak Dog Toy by FurryFido.

Now from the surface, it is built for dispensing treats, but there are other features as well.

  • Multiple sections for placing treats.
  • Great rubber build.
  • Great for stimulating the mind as well as the jaw.
  • Small rubber pieces that can clean teeth.

Now the good thing about Squeak Dog Toy by FurryFido is that treats can be placed in different sections, which means you can place multiple treats. Additionally, I love the fact that this toy is made out of good rubber so it doubles up as a pacifier too. There are small rubber pieces that are attached to the toy that can clean the teeth as well.

Speaking of negative things, I do not see any issue with the Squeak Dog Toy by FurryFido. In terms of features, it is much better than some of the other toys I have used, and definitely very durable.


  • Multiple places for treats.
  • Easy to use.
  • Uses great material.
  • Acts as a pacifier, and teeth cleaner.


  • None

OurPets IQ Treat Ball

Pets can be lazy, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you want your talk to get and exercise, then the good news is that with OurPets IQ Treat Ball.

Now I know that this is mainly for dispensing treats, but do look at the feature.

  • Dispenses treats through exercise.
  • Comes with adjustable difficulty level to ensure more exercises.
  • Can be cleaned easily.
  • Available in different sizes.

Now as you can tell, toy is available in 2 sizes, and this is a great feature because if you do have a bigger dog, it will be easier for it as well. Other than that, the toy certainly promotes physical exercise as the dog does have to work in order to get the treat out.

As far as the downsides are concerned, I did not really find any. The toy is made around a simple formula of doing some exercising in order to get the treat that can be put inside the toy.


  • Great for physical, and mental exercise.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Can be cleaned without any issue.
  • Difficulty can be adjusted.


  • None

Allstar Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Dogs love to play with balls, however, if you are buying an ordinary tennis ball, chances are that you will be replacing that one real soon. The reason behind that is that dogs ruin the ball in no time. Say hello to the Allstar Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball.

It is an interesting take on a normal looking ball.

  • The ball is shaped irregularly for movement that cannot be predicted.
  • It has giggling and other noisemakers.
  • Comes with six clutch pockets so your dog can easily pick it up.
  • The material is pet safe.

Normal tennis balls give in after a while, but during my testing of this ball, I did not run into any signs of wear and tear that might indicate that the ball is giving in. Additionally, the uneven surface ensures that your dog will not be able to predict the movement of the ball easily. There are six pockets that your dog can use to grab the ball.

As far as the downsides are concerned, there is nothing about the ball that I would prefer changing.


  • Great for dogs of all ages.
  • The material is pet safe.
  • Built-in noisemakers.
  • Great replacement for a standard tennis ball.


  • None

FurryFido Interactive Treat Toy

The first interactive toy that we are looking at is called the FurryFido Interactive Treat Toy. As the name suggests, this toy is great for those who want their dog to play, and in the process, work for a treat as well.

There are a handful of features on this toy, you can check then below.

  • Great for dispensing treats.
  • Made out strong rubber, ensuring that gums and teeth remain strong and healthy.
  • Uses non-toxic material.
  • Great for keeping your dog active.

Okay, so there is no denying that an interactive toy like that is built so your dog can stay active. I love the fact that I can just put small treats for my dog in it, and make sure the proper work is put in it to earn the treat. The material is excellent, and the toy is just the right size for a small puppy to play with.

However, since this toy is used for dispensing treats. Smaller treats might find their way out rather easily, and at times, by mistake.


  • It is great for all dogs.
  • Your dog stays active.
  • Great material.
  • Good for gums and teeth.


  • Small treats might slip out.

Zoo Friends Burrow

If your dogs like play hide and seek, or they just generally prefer hiding, then the Zoo Friends Burrow is going to be great for them. Made out of plush material, this interactive toy is great for puppies who are still learning to play.

It is available in a number of different designs that you can choose from, and has some nice features.

  • The toy is available in a number of different designs.
  • It comes with a number of good noisemakers.
  • You get four to five toys in just one.

The Zoo Friends Burrow is certainly a great toy. The material is super soft, it is nicely built, and there is minimum lint that sheds. It is available in a number of different designs that you can choose to buy. Additionally, the hide and seek factor is great especially if you have multiple dogs, and they like to play.

The Zoo Friends Burrow is great, but not good for grown up dogs,  who might have issues fitting in.


  • Great material.
  • Has multiple spots for hiding.
  • Simple and easy for your dogs to play with.


  • Not ideal for larger dogs.

Trixie Poker Box

If you want to challenge your dog’s intellect with something puzzling, then the Trixie Poker Box is a great investment that you should opt for.

Now in terms of feature, they are nice.

  • Offers four puzzles in a single toy.
  • Difficulty can be adjusted for your dog.
  • Uses high quality, and durable plastic.

The good thing about Trixie Poker Box is that I love the puzzles it offer. You can train your dog really well with these puzzles, and the best part is that the difficulty can be adjusted. Therefore, if you think your dog has learned everything, you can increase the difficulty. This is a great toy for mentally stimulating a dog.

The only downside is that the Trixie Poker Box will not provide much of the physical activity as compared to some of the other options available in the market.

Overall, the Trixie Poker Box is a great toy for perfect mental stimulation of your beloved pet.


  • Great for mental stimulation.
  • You are getting four puzzles in one toy.
  • Greatly suitable for mentally training your dog.
  • Comes with everything you would need to get started.


  • Does not provide a lot of physical stimulation.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle

Every dog has a predatory instinct, however, when you adopt a dog, they might not act on that instinct because of the environment they are in. However, it is important that their instincts be fully developed.

The purpose of Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle is exactly that.

  • Holes for hiding the squirrels.
  • Comes with the plush toys.
  • Made with safe, durable material.

Sure, it might not matter to most people, but hiding the squirrels and having your dog look for them is great. It certainly is a toy that can train the dog’s instincts in a much better way. There are multiple holes of insertion so your dog will never run into any issue with finding the right squirrel. You can even increase the difficulty by removing all squirrels and putting one in there.

The only drawback that I could think of is that the toy is made out of plush material, and should the dog decide to act up on his instincts, the toys can easily be ripped apart.


  • Excellent quality.
  • Great for training a dog.
  • Comes with all the things needed.


  • Plush toys can easily be torn.

Wooly Snuffle Mat

If you want to train your dog in sniffing, and ensure that they are good at it, then the Wooly Snuffle Mat is a great option. This is a feeding mat that works really well.

Features are as followed.

  • Hand-woven using high quality material.
  • Great for training dogs to sniff.
  • Can be washed in machine.

I had the chance to use this for a few days, and I can assure that this rug is great for training your dog on how to properly sniff. Just put a few of your dog’s favourite treats and see him look for the food in no time. However, you can even use this rug for other pets. Another great thing is that it can be machine washed, and the long fibers are there to simulate tall grass.

Considering how you will be putting your treat on the rug, you will be needing to wash it often.

Overall, the Wooly Snuffle Mat is a great interactive dog toy that you can buy in the market. It is simple, and does a great job in training your dog’s foraging instinct.


  • Great for training forage instincts.
  • Stimulates the senses.


  • Need to be washed regularly.

Mad Scientist for Dogs

If you are trying to train your dog in problem solving skills, then the Mad Scientist for Dogs is a great toy. This interactive toy combines treat dispensing with problem solving, which is perfect.

The features are.

  • Three tubes independently move.
  • The plastic is durable and pet safe.
  • The base is sturdy, and will not slip.

The toy works on a very simple formula, your dog is supposed to flip the tubes to get the treats out. As easy as it may sound, it makes up for a great problem solving toy, and in the end, your dog will be rewarded with their favourite treats. The overall quality is great, and the toy is definitely one of the best. My dog had a hard time understanding how to get to the treats, but in the end, it became an easier.

The only issue I have with this toy is that the height of the toy cannot be increased. Not really good if your dog is taller than the toy itself.


  • Great for training your dog’s problem solving.
  • Three tubes that are sealed from the top.
  • Good quality material.


  • Not ideal for taller dogs.

Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal Dispensing Dog Toy

The last toy, or should I say toys on our list is for people who are trying to get the maximum use out of a toy. The Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal Dispensing Dog Toy actually contains three toys in a single package.

Before we proceed, let’s check the features below.

  • Acts as a stress ball, dental chew, and treat dispenser.
  • Made out of solid materials.
  • Can cater to all dog sizes.

At first I thought this toy would be nothing more than a gimmick as I have seen similar options before. However, after giving it to my dog I was quickly proven wrong. I love how I get to have three different toys for my puppy, and everything works without any issue whatsoever. Dogs can get their treats, play with the stress ball, and there is a dental chew as well. Making this toy the perfect interactive toy for majority of dogs out there.

Honestly, there are is no major issue with the Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal Dispensing Dog Toy. If you have a smaller dog, it might have some problem properly dealing with the toy. Other than that, everything is to the point, and there should not be any issue whatsoever.


  • Great value for money.
  • Intuitive design.
  • You get three toys in one toy.


  • Smaller dogs might have an issue.

How to Buy the Best Interactive Dog Toys

Okay, now that you have gone through all the amazing dog toys that you can buy in the market. The next step in this roundup is going to be looking at the buying guide. Generally, buying a good interactive toy for your dog is not difficult. However, with so many options available in the market, it becomes chore.

That is why we have added this buying guide. The purpose is to facilitate the readers so they can buy the best possible toy without running into any issue. In the buying guide, we are going to be looking at a number of factors to consider.

Once you have gone over these factors, you can then choose the toy. Let’s not digress further, and see how you can buy the perfect interactive toys.

Do Consider Your Dog’s Breed

The first thing that I would consider is that you should always keep the dog’s breed in mind. Why? Because you cannot expect a German or a Belgium Shepherd to play with the same toy a pug would play with.

Additionally, different breeds are good at different things. Some breeds are really good at solving puzzles. While there are breeds that get downright frustrated when they are dealing with a puzzle. That is why we should always take your dog’s breed into consideration.

If you want to make the right choice, head over and read the customer reviews to see which toy is best for which specific breed. The most common breed would be more than enough to answer your question.

The Size of Your Dog Matters

As you will also see in some of the toy reviews above. There are toys that are not made for all dogs as they are either too small, or too big. When buying a toy for your dog, do consider the size of your dog. If the dog is big, and the toy itself is small, then you should avoid that.

Similarly, a dog’s age, and its curiosity matters, too. So, consider those as well.

How Difficult the Toy Is

Dogs are a lot smarter than they behave at times, and this is a wonderful thing. That is why these interactive toys come with a variety of difficulty levels. However, do keep in mind that it depends on your dog just how invested it is in these.

Generally, you have three levels of difficulties. To make you understand them better, I am listing them down here.

  • Level 1: Perfect for dogs with no prior experience with toys, or puzzles for that matters. This is the perfect for dogs who are starting just now, or dogs who have a little patience with toys.
  • Level 2: For dogs who are patient with puzzles, or who have had the experience with either the puzzles, or interactive toys before. These puzzles normally have a few actions to complete, so it is much easier for majority of dogs.
  • Level 3: If your dog has excelled at the previous levels, then this one is the best. In this level, the dog has to go through a number of challenges. Once all the challenges have been completed, the dog gets the treat. This level is for dogs who are really invested in completing challenges, and do not get bored.


Another important factor that you should be considering is the material. This is important because these toys are available in three materials. You get to choose between plastic, rubber, or plush. The important part is that all of these toys are made out of pet-safe material.

Toys that are made out of rubber are usually balls that have treat dispensers. As for plush material, that is normally for toys that center around the predator instinct of the dog. Lastly, plastic is also very common, and cheapest as well.


To keep the dogs excited and engaged, some toys come with noisemakers built into them. As a matter of fact, we reviewed a couple of toys that had multiple noisemakers. These noisemakers make different noise among being used.

Just make sure that you are okay with the noise, because whatever the noise will be, your dog will certainly react to it.

Treat Dispensers

Many toys that I have reviewed double as treat dispensers. A small compartment holding a special treat unlocks when the dog find its way. These are great for teaching the dogs the real value of earning rewards. You can buy the treat dispensers with various difficulties.

Additionally, there are toys that act as all in ones, so they have a treat dispenser, along with stress balls, as well as noisemaking factor.

Instinct Training

If you are trying to help your dog with learning the instincts, then invest in toys that train their instincts as well. You can train instincts such as their foraging instinct, their predatory instincts, and their instincts that help them solve problems.

With that said, the instinct training toys usually start from level 1 and go all the way up to level 3. So, make sure that your dog is well prepared, and it understands the puzzles.

These toys are not only there to help the dog have fun, but also great for training the dog, and improving their instincts.